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Still Remembered.

Oliver's Purpose supports parents who have experienced a loss due to stillbirth. We create and donate special keepsakes to parents of angels and assist with financial expenses associated with cremation. We aim to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss and to reduce the stigma that prevents parents from discussing their loss with others.

About Us

February 7, 2020,  Oliver Tostenson was born into the loving arms of Jesus Christ. God has a purpose for everything and everyone, including Oliver. The love, kindness, and generosity the Tostensons received during their hospital stay, planted the seed for Oliver’s Purpose. 

Our Why

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We are grateful to those who have contributed to our organization through their time and energy. We welcome you to join our team. 


Without our kind-hearted donors, Oliver's Purpose would not be possible. We thank you for your incredible generosity. 

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